Cambridge Wealth Management

People often ask us “So What Do You Do” – We are financial organizers of sorts and through a unique, multi-step, checkpoint driven process, we help people:

  • Get their entire financial house in perfect working order and help them keep it that way forever.
  • Align their most important goals with their most deeply held values
  • Have a “10” level of confidence so that no matter what happens in the financial markets, the economy or the world, they will have the highest probability of achieving their goals or desired outcomes for the future.

We do this through a process that offers:

  • Consolidation
  • Coordination
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Simplification
  • Accountability

Our purpose is to help our clients make informed choices about their money, achieve their desired outcomes for the future and ultimately live their ideal life.  One of the early steps in our process is to build out a Financial Road Map® detailing those things that are most important to you about life, articulate your goals/desired outcomes for the future and benchmark where you are now.  

It is our belief that everyone will benefit from having a Financial Road Map® and we provide this as a complimentary service regardless of whether you end up engaging our services or not.  

We utilize a Values Based approach to provide comprehensive planning solutions for our clients through a team of seasoned professionals in the following areas:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Legal/Estate Planning   

One of our primary roles is to oversee this team of seasoned professionals so that our clients receive the benefit of a fully coordinated plan that provides them the greatest probability of achieving their desired outcomes for the future and for their reasons.

Our Services/Offerings:

  • Financial Road Map®
  • Investment Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan (one time plan)
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning (ongoing planning services)